Umar invented the system of Tarawih!!

How Tarawih came into being??

Nawafil prayers are not allowed with Jama’at except salatul-istisqa’ (the salat for praying
to Allah to send rain).

But ‘Umar, in defiance of this rule of shari’ah, made people pray nawafil with Jama’ah in the nights of the holy month, and he himself said that it was a good bid’ah!

See for example the following report of Sahih al-Bukhari (the chapter of Taraweeh):
‘Abdu’r-Rahman, son of ‘Abd said : “I went with ‘Umar to the Masjid in a Ramadhan night; and there were people disorganised…. Then ‘Umar said: ‘I think it would be ideal if I make them pray together with one reciter’ (i.e., behind an Imam of Jama’at); so he thus decided and gathered them behind Ubay ibn Ka’b…. Then I went there with him another night and the people were praying with one Imam. ‘Umar said: ‘A good bid’ah is this.’”

‘Allamah Qastalani writes in Irshad as-Sari (Commentary of Sahih al-Bukhari):

He called it bid’ah, because the Messenger of Allah had not prescribed it for them nor was it in the days of the (first caliph) Siddiq (R.A), nor was it for the early parts of night, nor to this
(fixed) number.”

Imam as-Suyuti (in Tarikhu ‘I-Khulafa) Muhammad ibn Sa’d (in at-Tabaqat) and others have clearly counted the Taraweeh among the things started by ‘Umar.

‘Umar started it in Ramadhan, 15 A.H., the second year of his caliphate.


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