We are very proud of being the team that has the intention to welcome the explorers like you. Present days some shias are losing sirat-e-Mustaqeem, our blog is an absolutely reliable source of guidance to preserve the true shia ideology and to protect the aqeedah from the muqassireens and Anti-shias. This site contains material that helps to understand original caretakers of religon (Masoomeen a.s), those who wrote books (scholars) and in what circumstances they were living in while they were writing and trying to preserve shia religion. our blog shows the truth which Masoomeen brought after facing so many great difficulties and after making great sacrifices.This website is to remove the misconception about Islam. We will use modern and old books which contains no doubt and possible authentic references which were appreciated by Masoomeens (a.s) and by great scholars. It is wajib upon all to convey message of wilayat-e-Ali (a.s). Every being is born in the obedience of Masoomeen not some mujtahideens. If anybody wants to find the solution to any issue, they will find it in the fatwas of so called mujtahideens. We do tabbara on those who hijacked Islam and its true teachings including Muqassireens, Nasibis and enemies of Ahly bait a.s.w.s.


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